It’s Fun in the Youth Ministry

Most of the elderly think that the youth are complicated and trouble-makers. The youth are mostly misunderstood because not all people try to understand them. But do you know of one truth I have discovered? They are fun to be with, and you can learn so much from them.

Wikipedia states that the United Nations defines youth as persons between the ages of 15 and 24. Our Youth Ministry handle teenagers from ages 12 to 24. And I find it fun being in this age group.

The youth I handle started joining fellowships as shy and mute-like individuals. They will not speak if you did not talk to them. But I noticed that whenever we schedule a gathering, they would always attend. After learning each individual’s interest and personality, we started having meaningful conversations. I enjoy knowing how they think and what they think. Some are also fond of making jokes, so we always laugh. It felt nice to see them smile, laugh, and enjoy the moment we’re together. Most of all, I love being an Ate to them.

I know I was called to be a youth leader. God made it clear whenever I feel an unexplained joy in my heart when I’m with them. It’s my joy to help the youth by listening to their thoughts. It’s challenging at times because some of them have family problems, some think they are ugly, and some are bullied in school. Yet, despite those challenges, I remind them to be positive and let them experience fun in the Youth Ministry.

Last year, we held their Christmas Party at one of the leader’s house. I prepared games, and each officer was assigned a task and a dish to prepare. I remember how the youth prepared banana leaves for our boodle fight and how we had our fill. They were all excited talking about what prize they want to get. During the games, they were so competitive, and everybody would burst into laughter. Before the program ends, all of us gave away thank you notes to someone we choose among the group. And I was so touched to receive six meaningful notes.

Leading the Youth Ministry is not an easy task. It requires sacrifice and commitment. It takes empathy to understand how they feel. They are not perfect, so sometimes they can even hurt you. But building a good relationship with them is a key to gain their respect and trust. Being a channel of God’s love will help them grow as better individuals.

I want to encourage all the youth to never be shy in joining youth gatherings. Your fellow youth and the leaders are your support group. You will never know the fun unless you become a part of a Youth Ministry.

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